Carole Ghosn is Carlos Ghosn’s (the former Nissan chief)

wife (remarriage) since 2016.

(source: twitter)


In 2019/04/04, Carlos Ghosn has rearrested by Japanese prosecution.

On that occasion, Carole Ghosn was along with Carlos Ghosn.


And she was confiscated her Lebanese passport and cellphone.

Carole Ghosn said that she was treated like a terrorist.


Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office requested optional hearing

 to Carole Ghosn, but she refused it.


Then, on 2019/04/07, Carole Ghosn has left Japan and already

 arrived Paris (France) by using her USA passport.

At the Narita airport she was accompanied by French ambassador. 


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Carole Ghosn wiki profile, Carlos Ghosn’s wife! Remarriage! Stepchild!

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(source: twitter)


Carole Ghosn is Carlos Ghosn’s (the former Nissan chief)

wife (remarriage) since 2016.


Full birth name: Carole Ghosn

Former name: Carole Nahas

Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday: Oct, 1966

Age: 52 years old (As of Apr. 2019)

Birthplace/ Hometown: Lebanon

Nationality: Lebanon, France, USA

Current Residence: Tokyo→Paris

Famous for: Carlos Ghosn’s (the former Nissan chief) wife (remarriage)

Family: Married. Husband and 2 kids



Carole Ghosn has remarried with  Carlos Ghosn since 2016.

Her former husband was American who’s name is Nahas.


She has 2 kids with her former husband.

Daughter Tara and son Daniel.


There are no kids between Carole Ghosn and Carlos Ghosn.


But Carlos Ghosn also has 4 kids with his former wife Rita Ghosn.

3 daughters and 1 son.

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(source: twitter)


So, including their stepchild, Carlos Ghosn and Carole Ghosn

are parent of 6 kids.

Carole and Carlos Ghosn Wedding

Carlos Ghosn and Carole Ghosn had their wedding at the

 Palace of Versailles.


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